12 November, 2008

Cuckold Husbands

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Say the word cuckold to many people and they will probably look at you blankly wondering what the heck you are going on about, but to some the term cuckold husbands will mean, especially to husbands, long nights in a submissive & voyeuristic role watching their hot wives getting fucked by complete strangers!

West Sussex Cuckold Ads

West Sussex Cuckold Ads

Thanks to swingers sites the term cuckold has become as common as BBW, although for some people they think it is called cockold and thinking about it that really would be a better description, after all you’ll probably find that a lot of husbands that watch their wife getting fucked are probably holding their cock, or wanking it!

The term cuckold is originally taken from the French and is based on the Cuckoo bird and I suppose this is down the the bird jumping between nests but what it is really about is husbands watching wives getting fucked and with the advent of swingers sites many couples are advertising for singe males to fuck the wife.

But cuckold sex seems to fall into two very different types of sexual contacts first you have the couples where really it is just about the husband sitting back and watching the show where the wife will just fuck the male (referred to as the the bull) and there will probably be very little interaction with the cucks (husband).

Then you have the more submissive husbands with the hot wife taking on a much more stronger almost femdom type role, whilst it is still about the wife, or cuckoldress as she sometimes referred to, getting fucked it also will involve humiliating the “weak” husbands, maybe making them do things, like fetch drinks, towels and act a submissive slave type scenario and in some more extreme submissive cuckold husband this can include sucking the bulls cock, cleaning out the wife’s cum soaked fanny, normally with his tongue.

If you are considering placing ads for single males ( bulls) then it is a good idea to say exactly what you expect from the meet and if you intend on videoing it or taking photos also let people know as some single guys may not be too happy about this.

I’ve posted below some terms used if your new to cuckold sex:

  • cuckoldry – term for cuckold sex
  • cuckquean (Cuckqueen) – the wife
  • Hotwife – the wife
  • Sub – term for submissive husbands
  • Femdom – dominant wives
  • Bull – the single male
  • Creampie – when the male cums inside the women, some husbands then clean this
  • Voyeur – husband watching wives

These are just a few terms but if you know of any others please let us know.

We have loads of couples right across the UK, including West Sussex, so if you are a single guy looking to find cuckold couples then welcome! Needless to say if you’re a couple and want to find a single male, well let’s put it this way finding a single male on swingers contacts website is like walking down Worthing beach knowing it will rain LOL

Meet Local cockold Contacts

Meet local cuckold contacts

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